Ash Krznaric


It’s clear that Ash’s passion for customer service, her willingness to help others, and her commitment to continuous learning have led her to the real estate industry. She has been dedicated to customer service since the age of 15, starting at McDonald’s, Mitre 10, pizza shops, and more recently at a local day spa. While she always saw herself working in the beauty and service industries, her transition to Wilson Property has been a positive change for her.

Ash’s background as a swimmer and netballer was halted due to injuries, and she has also been actively involved in volunteering for local organizations. Coming from a large family with numerous siblings, a nephew, and a host of cousins, Ash is also a proud owner of six dogs, including 5 Chihuahuas and an English Staffy.

In her spare time, Ash enjoys expressing herself through art, spending time outdoors, engaging in DIY projects, and indulging in her love for movies, series, and reading. She also has a passion for travel and exploration, often spending her weekends discovering new cafes and visiting quaint towns. Her dream destinations are Japan and where her family originated from, Austria.


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