Layla De Lazzer


Layla is a professional and detail-oriented employee who brings a positive attitude and a willingness to go above and beyond in her work.

With previous experience in the hospitality and customer service industries, Layla has developed excellent communication skills, making her an asset to any team.

She recently joined our WP team from another agency and is excited to continue her professional growth with us. Layla believes that working at Wilson Property will provide her with the experience and qualifications she needs to succeed in her career.

Layla approaches everything she does with a sense of purpose and dedication. Her friendly demeanour and commitment to providing exceptional service ensure that our clients receive the best possible experience at Wilson Property.

She grew up in different parts of Gippsland and enjoys both country and city living.

In her free time, Layla enjoys going to the gym, camping, and spending time with friends and family. She is always up for trying new things and going on small adventures on the weekends. Layla is a huge fan of Italian food and has some favorite restaurants, including, Amarti and Little Prince. She is eager to travel to many places, with Greece and Italy at the top of her list. Layla has already traveled to New Zealand and many places within Australia, but her favorite destination so far has been Magnetic Island.

Layla has a twin sister and an older sister, both of whom work at a hair salon in Glengarry called Hair By Blaize and Co.


P: 03 5176 2670
P: 03 5176 2055

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